Since 2001, UK registered charity Footsteps International has been working with local partners to help relieve the impacts of poverty on children in Kenya.


Over the past 15 years, we have seen the lives of children transformed. For example, Cyrus who was a street boy in 2004 now has a degree from Mt Kenya University, and Emily, an orphaned girl is now working as a children's nurse.

We could tell you hundreds more stories like these.

For 12 years, Footsteps International organised the Orpington Marafun in the UK to raise funds for this great work. But, we realised that the time had come to change, so the 2017 event became the first-ever Kenya International Marafun which was organised by our partners in Kenya, with our help.

The Kenya International Marafun is an event like no other! As well as running (jogging / walking) a challenging half-marathon with Kenyan runners past the wonderful wildlife in the scenic Hell's Gate National Park, you will help our projects, meet the local people who work tirelessly to transform the lives of deprived children, and, of course, spend time with the youngsters themselves.


Footsteps International
UK Registered charity 1091026
Sunshine Centre
Cares for 120 former street boys
Kenya Wildlife Service
Manages Kenya's wildlife
Naivasha Polytechnic
Provides training places for 200 young people
Bishop Wambari School
Provides great education opportunities for 400 girls
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Email: kenyamarafun@footstepsinternational.org

Phone: +44 (0)1689 828166

Kenya Marafun co-ordinator in UK: 

Footsteps International, 79 Lynwood Grove,

Orpington, BR6 0BQ, UK

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The Kenya International Marafun is a fun event organised by Footsteps International's project partners in Kenya. All participants enter this event entirely at their own risk and are advised to arrange insurance to meet their own requirements. All distances are approximate. All data and pictures captured either before and on the day of the event will be stored and used for administration purposes and may be used for publicity for future events.