What will the weather be like? 

The Kenya International Marafun is held in one of the coolest times of year in Kenya. Expect temperatures around 12 degrees at the start of the run, climbing to low 20 degrees by early afternoon. Expect night time temperatures as low as 9 degrees (take a fleece or thick jumper). Take a light rain coat just in case...(although it is the end of the rainy season).

Is running with animals dangerous? 

The Kenya International Marafun is held in Hell's Gate National Park which encourages walkers, runners and climbers. As long as you abide by the Kenya Wildlife Service instructions you will be safe.

Are there any water stations?

There is a water station approximately every 1.5 miles round the course.


Are there any loos on the route?

There are toilets at the start / finish area but, as this is a bush route, the rest of the course is...well...just bushes.

Is the distance exact?

The course is as near to an exact half-marathon as we can make it using bush roads, but is not formally measured as this is primarily a fun and fund-raising event. MapMyRun says that it is 14.26 miles round.

What is the age limit?

The minimum age to take part in the half-marathon run is 18 years. Those wishing to walk must be at least 16.

Do I need to raise sponsorship?

The Kenya International Marafun's primary aim is to raise funds for deprived children in Kenya. You will meet children who have run away from their homes to scavenge on the streets for scraps of food. We will give you advice so that you can raise lots of money which will change these children's lives for ever. We don't have a set minimum - we just ask you to do your very best. You'll be amazed at how much you can raise once your friends and family hear about the commitment you are making!

When was the first Kenya International Marafun?

As far as we know, our 2017 Kenya International Marafun was THE FIRST EVER! 

Where can I find more information about Hell's Gate National Park?

The Kenya Wildlife Service website has lots useful information about Hell's Gate and Kenya's other superb national wildlife parks. 

Do I need to take medication?

Check with your doctor or travel clinic well before you plan to travel and follow their advice.

What about phones?

There is good mobile phone coverage in Kenya (check about roaming with your service provider before you set off). Take your phone with you when you run in case of emergency.

What about electricity and Wi-Fi?

Kenya uses 240 volt, square pin electricity supply (same as UK). Free WiFi is available in the Reception area of the Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp.

How can I get cash in Kenya?

Kenya uses the Kenya Shilling. There is an ATM at Nairobi Airport which allows you to draw cash from most UK bank accounts (check with your bank before departure). 

Security advice?

Kenya is a generally peaceful country although, like the UK, has suffered from occasional, rare terrorist activity. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides regular security updates which we will observe for this event.